A few of the projects that Jenell has worked on are below. If you'd like to see more head on over to Github and CodePen to peruse more work.



Benefit Platforms // Web Benefits

Pro-site contains information in which the client's employee is able to view their benefits, see COBRA description and have access to their company's benefit package details. The client is able to adjust benefits packages for their user to promote benefits based on eligibility. 

Benefits platform is a step-by-step process for the employee. The employee is able to select coverage for themselves and their dependents. Progress is saved and the employee can then check out and submit their benefits to their employer.

Tech used: React, Redux, yarn, Wordpress, JavaScript, Sass, JSX, Bitbucket

Learning Platform // Skillcrush

The learning environment in a coding school is ever changing due to the nature of software development. On a weekly basis, one could create a few different lessons. 

At Skillcrush, students need a thorough understanding of such technologies like FTP, git, Photoshop, HTML and HTML5, CSS, and Ruby. 

Tech used: JavaScript, Github, CSS, git, Photoshop, FTP, HTML, Ruby, Wordpress



Personal Projects

Personal projects are what fuel me. I thrive on learning new frameworks and languages. Progressing in my front end proficiencies is incredibly fulfilling as well. My personal projects tend to thrive on deadlines as well! Conferences are where I take time to learn new tech to present to others. 

Tech used: JavaScript, Angular, Ionic, Ruby, Firebase, OAuth